Town of Laytonsville Inclement Weather Policy

 In the event of hazardous weather conditions, the Laytonsville Town Hall may have to close, impacting all administrative operations, public meetings and hall rentals. Should the Town Hall be closed, all scheduled meetings and rentals will be cancelled and will have to be rescheduled.


Town Hall Offices

The Town Hall of Laytonsville generally follows the Montgomery County Public School’s (MCPS) inclement weather policy for closings and delays. When MCPS schools are closed, generally the Town Hall will be closed.

In the event of local dangerous weather conditions, The Mayor may close the Laytonsville Town Hall if he/she determines opening the Town Hall is unsafe for employees and/or the public, regardless of the status of MCPS.


Public Meetings & Rentals

 Cancellations of public meetings (Town Council, Board & Commission meetings) and rentals will be made according to the following policy:

 If the Town offices are closed, all public meetings and rentals are cancelled

 If the Town offices are open, public meetings and rentals are presumed to take place as scheduled unless otherwise noticed on the town web site.


Public Notification of Closure

If the weather warrants cancellation of a public meeting, the cancellation will be noted on the Laytonsville Town Web site ** and there will be a message on the town phone at 301-869-0042.

**Every effort will be made to update the town website in a timely manner, however in the event of power and/or communications disruptions, it may not be possible to do so.



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