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Summaries of town ordinances and links to the full text of the ordinances are provided on this web page.  The ordinances and full text of the ordinances are provided on this web site for reference purposes only. The authoritative source for  ordinances is the town clerk.  

The town has adopted a number of Montgomery County Maryland ordinances. You may view the Montgomery county ordinances and those adopted by Laytonsville by going to .

5G Small Cell: An ordinance to adopt requirements concerning the isntallation and operation of small wireless telecomminication facilities in the public rights-of-way in the Town of Laytonsville.  More

Absentee Ballot: Any person qualified to vote in the Town elections and referendums, who will be absent from the Town for any reason on the day of such election or referendum, or who by reason of physical disability is unable to be present at the polls on election day, shall be entitled to vote by absentee ballot....More

Annex Fee Recovery: A petition under 19(c) of Art. 23A of the Annotated Code of Maryland, that an area be incorporated into the Town, shall not be accepted or processed unless and until the party or parties making such request or filing such petition pay the Town an initial filing fee of $250.00....More

Building Permit: (Updated 9/2005)  Any new building construction or the construction of a structure in excess of One Thousand Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($1,500.00) in value shall require the issuance of a building permit by the Mayor.  Application therefore shall be made to the Mayor of Laytonsville by...More

Driveway and Aprons:  (Adopted 10/1982, added to website 9/2004)  No person shall provide, construct or reconstruct a means of vehicular access from his property to a public street, road, highway, avenue, lane, alley, or pubic way in the Town unless said person shall...More

Election Ordinance:  An ordinance to establish procedure and regulations dealing with elections in the Town...More

Forest Conservation and Reforestation Ordinance: (Updated 2/2010) Establishes a forest conservation and reforestation program for the Town of Laytonsville in compliance with the standards prescribed by the Maryland General Assembly. More

Legislation Exemption: An ordinance to exempt the town of Laytonsville from all county legislation covered by grants of authority to the town and providing for exceptions thereto by reference to specific county legislation so that the county legislation so specifically referenced shall apply and be in force and effect within the town...More

Moratorium Ordinance: An ordinance adopting a temporary moratorium upon the review and consideration of applications and permits for large commercial and residential projects and to require the town Planning Commission, in conjunction with with its review of the Comprehensive Plan, to report to the Mayor and Council regarding its recommendations. Enacted May 7, 2024, effective May 28, 2024.

Municipal Services Liens:(Adopted 10/2010) An ordinance to authorize the Town of Laytonsville to provide that any valid charge, tax or assessment made against any real property in the town for the provision of municipal services to remedy violation of the town code or protect the health, safety and public welfare of the inhabitants of the town shall be liens upon such property to be collected in the same manner as muncipal taxes are collected. ...More

Off Road Vehicles: An ordinance to adopt chapter 7a, of the Montgomery county code, 2004 (as amended) entitled "off-the-road vehicles" as being applicable Within the Town of Laytonsville, Maryland and to authorize Montgomery County, Maryland to apply, administer and enforce the provisions of chapter 7a within the town limits....More

Parks and Trails Ordinance: An ordinance to define and establish procedures, regulations, and to prohibit and regulate certain activities with respect to the protection and preservation of parks, trails, open spaces, and other properties owned, controlled or managed by the Town.

Public Property: Ordinance to grant to the town the power to acquire by gift, devise, purchase, or condemnation real or personal property needed for any public purpose and to dispose of same.......More

Parking Ordinance: (Amended 5/9/2009) An Ordinance to authorize and establish procedures and regulations with respect to regulating the parking, standing or stopping of vehicles upon public streets and rights-of-way within the Town of Laytonsville" . . .  More

Road Construction Ordinance: (Adopted 1/1987,Added to website 9/2004) No person shall grade, install, cut, construct, or re-construct any surface material, subsurface material, paving, drainage structure, curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway entrance, retaining wall, step, or any other structure within the right-of-way of any public street, road, highway, avenue, lane, alley, viaduct, or public way in the Town unless said person shall first obtain a permit from Montgomery County, Maryland, and comply with all applicable provisions of Art. II of Chapter 49 of the 1984 Montgomery County Code, as though said right-of-way were located within the unincorporated area of Montgomery County, Maryland...More

Sign Ordinance:  A “sign” is any outdoor advertising sign, light, display, device, figure, painting, drawing, message, lettering, placard, poster, billboard, or other device visible from the outdoors which is designed, intended, or used to inform or advertise.  Vending machines advertising a product are considered signs within this definition.  Temporary labels and tags, affixed to a product with the intent to identify the type of product or price of the product, are not considered a “sign”. A copy of the complete Ordinance may be obtained from the Clerk...More

Subdivision Regulations: (Updated 6/2011)These regulations shall be known and may be cited as the "Subdivision Regulations of the Town of Laytonsville, Maryland."...More

Tree Ordinance: The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect and preserve trees on public and private property in the Town, provide for public health, safety and general welfare, and promote the Town’s natural beauty. Please read the information at regarding information on hiring professionals to assist in tree work. ..More

Weeds/Grass Ordinance:  All weeds, grasses, plants, bushes, poison oak, poison ivy, and other vegetation, except trees, ornamental shrubbery, flowers, garden vegetables, compost piles, or other plants or vegetables customarily planted and/or cultivated by farmers or gardeners are covered in this Ordinance.  A general growth of “weeds and grass” in excess of twelve (12) inches is hereby declared to be a menace to public health and safety.  A copy of the complete Ordinance may be obtained from the Clerk....More

Zoning Ordinance:   This Ordinance shall apply to all real property in the Town of Laytonsville, Maryland, .... More



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