Forms & Permit Applications

The forms below are provided to assist you in keeping your activities within the town in compliance with established town ordinances.

The building permit ordinance, zoning map and zoning ordinance may answer questions about zoning regulations within the Town. 

The forms are provide to you as MS-Word documents so that you may easily complete, print, sign and submit the forms, along with the filing fee, to the town clerk.  If you reside in a subdivision with an HOA, please obtain HOA approval prior to submitting and application to the Town.  Please submit you HOA approval letter with your application.   If a hearing is required, the town clerk will notify you and schedule the necessary hearing(s). After requisite approvals the permit will be issued so that you can begin your activities. Please note that if county approval is required, they will ask to see the town permit before they will accept an application.  

Filing Fees - Don't forget to submit your filing fees to the clerk with your completed application.  

Completed applications, supporting documentation and fees can be mailed to the Town Hall.  If applications are digital they can be emailed to '' or left in the drop box by the back door of the Town Hall.  For arrangements to leave checks other than mailing them, please email '' to make arrangements. 


Use this form to....

Building Permit Application Request a building permit for any new building construction or the construction of a structure in excess of $1,500.00.  See Building Permit Ordinance.
New Residential Home Construction Request a building permit for construction of a new residential home. See Building Permit Ordinance.
Residential General Construction Application Request a permit for the construction of a driveway apron, a driveway, a fence, a swimming pool or removal of a tree. For tree removal, please read the Town Tree Ordinance and refer to the following link regarding licensed tree experts. Regarding driveway or apron work, please see  See Ordinance relating to Adopting Road Construction Code of Montgomery County, Maryland.
General Purpose Zoning Change Application Request a Special Exception or Variance to Town’s Zoning Ordinance or to request a reclassification of current zoning.  See Zoning Ordinance.
Historic District Work Permit Application Request alterations, improvements or additions to structures located with the Historic District zone.
Storage Pod Application Application for a temporary storage pod


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