MOOSeum Event

  • September 24, 2017
  • King Barn Dairy Mooseum, Germantown, MD



GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND (September 24, 2017) One of Montgomery County’s (Md.) family farms will be honored at Germantown’s King Barn Dairy MOOseum on Sunday afternoon, September 24. The descendents of Roland and Janice Green will gather at Germantown’s King Barn Dairy MOOseum to tell their family story of Roland's farm, which was located at 7907 Hawkins Creamery Road in Damascus, Maryland. The MOOseum is located in the South Germantown Regional Park at 18028 Central Park Circle, off I-270 and Route 118.

Roland and Janice Green bought this farm in about 1936.  Later on they purchased additional tracts until the farm totaled 323 acres.   They rented 299 acres of nearby land and farmed 622 acres.   They shipped milk from 1936 until 1966.  They grew corn, wheat, oats, barley, and hay, as well as vegetables, poultry, and hogs.  They milked by hand till 1937 when they bought vacuum milkers and shipped milk in cans until 1954 when they installed a milk tank.  They built their first cow barn in 1936 with 25 stanchions.  It was expanded in 1947 to house 51 stanchions.

Roland and Janice were members of the Damascus United Methodist Church and were members of the Maryland Virginia Milk Producers Association for over 50 years.  Roland, during his life on this farm, transitioned from hand milking to vacuum milking, from ten-gallon cans to a bulk milk tank, and from wheat threshing to combines. Agricultural activities on the farm ended around 1966 when the farm was sold.    

The Green family members will be present at the MOOseum  between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on September 24 at the authentic MOOseum dairy barn museum near Germantown. A farm family exhibit has been established for this special Sunday afternoon event, illustrating how the family and their farm have served the Montgomery County area.  The farm is listed on the MOOseum’s unique dairy farm map, pinpointing more than 430 family dairy farms that once operated in the suburban county.

The Green family story is part of the MOOseum’s continuing Sunday series to showcase farms that contributed significantly in the county’s 240-year history. The MOOseum houses one of the area’s most complete and unusual dairy archives. It is housed in a 1930’s dairy barn, and its exhibits include a 1904 horse-drawn dairy wagon, a 1921 Model T milk truck, a model railroad, replicas of major dairy cattle found in Montgomery County, and samples of dairy equipment used in the county during the past 100 years. Come meet the Green Family Members and learn about the family and their dairy farm history.  Admission is free. Contributions are welcome.


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